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Help & FAQs

What is a rating?

A player rating is a way of measuring tennis ability so you can see how you are improving. Your rating should also guide you to enter the right level of competitions. You need a rating in order to compete and enter competitions online.

For junior and adult players there are 20 rating bands, starting with 10.2, which is the lowest, progressing to 10.1, 9.2, 9.1, 8.2 etc. until you reach 1.1 which is the highest rating.


10.2 → 10.1  5.2 → 5.1
9.2 → 9.1  4.2 → 4.1
8.2 → 8.1 3.2 → 3.1
7.2 → 7.1 2.2 → 2.1
6.2 → 6.1 1.2 → 1.1


For Mini Tennis players there is a separate ratings process. View Mini Tennis ratings.

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