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Help & FAQs

I reached the quarterfinal but why have I only been allocated 1 ranking point for this event?

In order to receive the ranking points for reaching a certain round in an LTA Sanctioned Competition, a player must win a match at the draw stage (qualifying draw, main draw or consolation draw). If a player does not win a match in that draw stage he/she will receive one ranking point or the ranking points from a draw stage where he/she has earned points.

For example, if a player qualifies from a round robin draw (qualifying draw) and proceeds to an 8 player compass draw (main draw/consolation draw) but doesn’t win a match in either the main draw or consolation draw, he/she will receive the points from the qualifying draw.

Please see the LTA Competition Regulations (2.4 on page 52) for further information.

The player may have won matches in a grade 1-5 competition which are listed as ratings only matches and as such any wins in these extra play off matches would not be eligible for rankings points. This is to avoid the possibility of main draw losers receiving fewer points than players in additional consolation draws.

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