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Why is ranking for acceptance used at Grade 1 to 3 junior competitions rather than ratings?

Ranking for acceptance was introduced for the following reasons:

  • Acceptance by ranking is more dynamic and fair as they are updated weekly
  • During the research phase players, parents, coaches and tournament organisers said they are in favour of rankings taking priority over ratings
  • It follows the rationale of the professional tennis circuits where acceptance is based on players’ ranking positions
  • Players are encouraged to get through rounds in tournament draws and measure their progress according to ranking position rather than the accumulation of ratings wins
  • It ensures the current best players are accepted into national level competitions
  • Players are encouraged to compete in two competition age groups which should reduce the number of late withdrawals; rather than players stopping competing when they think they have met the ratings increase criteria
  • It focuses players on how far they progress in a tournament i.e. winning a trophy or reaching the quarter finals.

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