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Help & FAQs

Can my rating go up twice in one ratings run?

The double jump was removed from the LTA Ratings system back in 2010. Players cannot move up twice automatically during a ratings run but can apply for a manual ratings adjustment. A player may request a manual adjustment in advance of the ratings runs where they are recording exceptionally good results by contacting the LTA Services Team by emailing if they meet the following criteria:

The minimum requirement is 6 wins for juniors (3 for adults) achieved against higher rated players, recorded in competitions graded 1 - 5, with at least a 60% win/loss percentage, at that higher level and below.

For a manual ratings adjustment, a qualifying win is a win against a player rated higher than you, a qualifying loss is a loss against a player rated one rating higher, the same and lower than you and a retirement does not count as a win. Whilst the wins must be recorded at grades 1-5, losses at any grade of competition count. Manual rating adjustments are not part of the routine automated ratings run process and must be applied for.

The cut off for applications is one week before the next ratings run is due to go live after which they must be applied for through the appeals process in the week after the ratings run going live. 

A players' rating can also move up in a ratings run by one ratings band (if they meet the correct criteria) after having their rating manually adjusted earlier in the season.

Further details can be found on the ratings page under the heading “What is a manual ratings adjustment?”.

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