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Help & FAQs

What are Player Passports and how does having one affect a Mini Tennis Rating?

Player passports, which are managed by the Talent Performance Teams, are awarded to players who have achieved strong competition results and whereby receiving one, would benefit their progress and overall game development. This is reviewed as part of the on-going regional and national camp program. 

Mini Tennis Player Passports are awarded to players based on the criteria below:

  1. Competitive profile

Players will need to be demonstrating that they are competing to a high level in grade 3s and 2s. They will also be demonstrating behaviours such as:-

  • Spirit, determination and a fair attitude to match play
  • A willingness to compete positively when under pressure
  1. Great approach to training

Players will be demonstrating that they are the strongest players attending regional camps and or inter-regional/national camps

Behaviours to observe would include:

  • Great work ethic
  • Listening well and responding positively to instruction
  • The ability to focus on the process of training
  • Great attitude to chasing every ball, challenging themselves to never let the ball bounce twice.

Players are nominated by the Regional Performance Co-ordinators and Talent & Performance Manager and are reviewed by the Head of Performance, Talent & Performance Managers and Age Group Captains.

Upon receiving a Player Passport, a player will be able to play in the next age group or ball colour above. Further information can be found on our Mini Tennis Player Passports Rules page.

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