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Will my funding be affected if my RPDC 'projected' player list reduces between the February submission and the ‘actual’ RPDC player list in July due to the changes to Regional Training player selection coming into place from 1 April 2018?

Irrespective of your player list, if you are successful in being awarded RPDC status you will receive £25,000 per-year to invest in your Head Coach and a minimum of £20,000 in variable player funding (to be applied as direct player subsidies). What may change is the number of players on your player list that you receive direct subsidies for, and this is likely to reduce in line with the changes to Regional Training (outlined above) that will be introduced later in the year. If players are on your player list in February 2018 but not in July 2018, those players can still be part of your programme but you won’t receive an LTA subsidy for them.

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