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How can my child (10 and under) develop their tennis further?

If your child is already involved in a Mini Tennis programme at a venue then speak to their coach who will be best placed to advise on this. They may recommend one or more of the following:

  • Playing in a more advanced session
  • Playing more regularly
  • Start having 1:1 lessons 
  • Start playing in competitions 

If your child is not currently involved in a Mini Tennis programme then you can find a Mini Tennis course or find a Club near you.  

You can also Find a Coach using our handy search tool to locate coaches near you, or to locate coaches that run specific programmes or teach specific age groups. The find a coach tool only shows coaches who are accredited so ensures that a coach is qualified, insured and meets safe to practise standards.

Click here if you would like your child to develop their tennis by starting out in competitions. 

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