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How does my club receive an allocation of Wimbledon tickets?

To ensure your venue is eligible to access the LTA Wimbledon Ballot, you need to have completed the LTA Venue Registration by the deadline, which for 2018/19 was 9th December 2018 and paid your registration fees by your county association’s payment deadline (dependent on your county).

If both of these requirements are met, you will receive an allocation of tickets based on the number of opted in LTA Members you have as of the 22rd February 2019.  Please note, in order for your members to count towards your ticket allocation and enter your venues ballot, they must be an LTA Lite or Team Member and have opted in by the deadline. Any new members joining your venue after the 22rd February 2018 will not be valid for the 2019 ballot process but will be able to access the ballot the following year, if they are still a registered member of your venue.

For more information please visit the LTA Wimbledon Ballot page

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