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What is a ‘grace period’?

Your grace period is a 2 month window which begins the day your Accreditation expires. The purpose of the grace period is to allow you extra flexibility to attain any outstanding pre-requisites, without having to complete a new DBS (if your current DBS is valid). A grace period should be only used in exceptional circumstances, for example if you missed a CPD course due to illness. Please note that your insurance is not valid during your grace period and you are not considered a current member of Coach Accreditation during your grace period.

Access to benefits is reserved for current members of Coach Accreditation. Whilst some benefits may remain accessible e.g. if you have a web subscription on a separate platform, your insurance, access to the Peugeot Affinity Scheme, and access to discounts will not be available. ClubSpark membership includes a grace period that is in-line with your membership i.e. you will lose access to ClubSpark services once your grace period ends.

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