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I have completed non-LTA/overseas qualifications; how do I join LTA Accreditation?

Coaches with non-LTA or overseas qualifications, who would like to join the LTA Coaching Pathway can identify its LTA equivalency in the below link:

You will need to send in evidence of your training to which should include copies of your coaching qualification certificate(s), supported by a letter from the Coach Education Department of your National Association or Federation confirming the length of the qualification and the number of tutor contact hours. Please note this must be sent in English.

  • If your qualification is three days or more of tutor contact and includes an assessment, it is likely that you are eligible to become Accredited at the base tier if we recognise the qualification you have taken. If you wish to then join the LTA Coach Qualification Pathway and be LTA qualified, you will need to complete the LTA qualification itself, formally known as the 1st4sport Level 1 Coaching Assistant Qualification.

  • If your qualification is fifteen days or more of tutor contact and includes an assessment, you are eligible to apply for an assessment on the 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Tennis. You would then be able to apply online to become Accredited+. 

For information about the steps required, please visit our Non LTA Coaching Qualification page.

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