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Help & FAQs

Tennis Xpress

What is Tennis Xpress?

Tennis Xpress is six week course for adult beginners who have never played tennis before or haven’t picked up a racket in a very long time.

Players will learn to serve, rally and score by the end of the course and be able to get on the court and enjoy fun matches with friends, family or other people you meet.

As a coach/venue, what requirements should we meet to run Tennis Xpress courses?

Coaches must follow session plans and uploaded courses to ClubSpark. Players must also be provided with essential equipment, such as low compression balls. These are available in the Mini Tennis Shop here.

You do not need to be specifically trained to run a Tennis Xpress course, however you do need be a Level 2 accredited coach (minimum).

What do I need to deliver Tennis Xpress courses?

  • Rackets - People new to tennis might not want to buy a new racket before they start. 
  • Balls - Slower balls are essential to the delivery of Tennis Xpress. Ideally you should have a selection of red, orange and green balls catering for all level of player.
  • Throw down lines – For adult starter players you may want to shorten the court with throw down lines

What support is available to deliver Tennis Xpress courses?

As a national campaign, you will be supported with a central campaign website through ClubSpark. Tennis Xpress lesson plans and videos are available on our website here.

In 2017, if you are a Tennis for Kids coach and have registered an interest for delivering Tennis Xpress, you will be provided with balls, rackets and updated lesson plans  to help support you run your course/s

As a coach or venue, how do I promote my Tennis Xpress courses?

Coaches and venues can upload all Tennis Xpress courses via ClubSpark here.

Promotional materials including banners, posters, leaflets, email headers and social media materials are available on MyTennisToolkit. You will needs to create your own My Tennis Toolkit login to enter the site.

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