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Help & FAQs

Cardio Tennis

What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis was founded by USTA in 2005, after consumer research showed that Americans were after high energy, fitness activities. As a result, the program was developed as a grassroots initiative to benefit the sport and is now offered in 30 countries including Great Britain!

Cardio Tennis is a fun, sociable group fitness class set on a tennis court and open to people of all ages and abilities. Supported by music and qualified instructors, you’ll get to hit lots of tennis balls during your class and have a great cardio workout at the same time.

Cardio tennis is for everyone! Players of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome.

What do I need to deliver Cardio Tennis sessions?

  • Rackets - People new to tennis might not want to buy a new racket before they start
  • Balls - Slower balls are essential to the delivery of Cardio Tennis (Orange or Green)
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – Using heart rate monitors or performing manual heart rate checks will show participants how hard they are working and keep your sessions safe
  • Music – Music adds motivation to your Cardio Tennis class and re-enforces the fact that it is a fitness class rather than a tennis lesson. Please note copyright licenses may be required. Find out more about music copyright licenses.
  • Side-line activity – The more equipment you can bring on to court the better. Agility ladders, cones, medicine balls and skipping ropes are ideal
  • Medical declaration form - Download the medical declaration form to ensure all participants are ready to play Cardio Tennis

Who can deliver Cardio Tennis sessions?

You do not need to specifically apply to run Cardio Tennis – you will just need to complete a Cardio Tennis course which can be booked via our online course search here.

To book onto the course, you must be one of the following:

Tennis coaches:

    • LTA Level 2 or above – MUST be accredited or accredited +
    • PTR / RPT coaches can attend as long as they have insurance through accreditation or membership (BTCA etc)

Fitness instructors: 

    • Level 2 or above fitness qualification – MUST be REPS accredited

PE teachers:

    • A qualified and active secondary school PE teacher

If you are LTA Level 2 or above and accredited you will be able to book onto the course directly via the LTA website.

Fitness professionals will need to show evidence of current REPS membership.

You can simply attach a copy of your certificate and email directly to and we can respond with written confirmation that you are eligible to complete the course. You can then present this to the course provider and they will be able to manually book you onto the course.

If you cannot find your certificate, you can provide your REPs membership number, so we can check this against the online register.

If you are a qualified and active secondary school PE teacher, you can simply attach a copy of your teaching qualification certificate and email to We would then be able to provide written confirmation that you are eligible to book onto the course.

What support is available to deliver the Cardio Tennis sessions?

Cardio Tennis lesson plans and videos are available on our website here

You can buy low compression balls via and receive a discount if you are LTA accredited (10%) or Accredited + (15%).

How do I promote my Cardio Tennis sessions?

Promotional materials and digital branded material are available in MyTennisToolkit

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