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Help & FAQs

How do we register A GBTW event?

First of all, you will need to ensure your venue is registered with ClubSpark.

Don’t have a ClubSpark account?

If you are running a GBTW for the first time and don’t have a ClubSpark account, you can sign up and register here. You will need to complete a short form which will then be forwarded onto the British Tennis Services Team. They will then process the request and send email confirmation once this has been done.

Already have a ClubSpark account?

If you have previously hosted a GBTW and/or already have a ClubSpark account, you will need to sign into ClubSpark here.

  • Once you have signed into ClubSpark, you will need to click into the Open Days module.
  • Click “Create New” and input all the details of the event and remember to finish the process by clicking “Publish”. If you have previously run a GBTW (you will have the option to “Duplicate” any events, to save all the work of setting it up from scratch again. Please note, in order to receive a Resource Pack, you must list the event as ‘Great British Tennis Weekend’ as opposed to ‘Standard’.

GBTW sign-up has been open since January 2017 and we would encourage venues to sign up as soon as possible to ensure their Resource Pack arrives in time.

We strongly recommend that you publish your event at least 6-8 weeks before the date of your event in order to make use of the resources and promote your event in good time.

Still need help?

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