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Help & FAQs

How do we promote our NVBTW event?

We will provide NVBTW Resource Packs for all venues running an event between May and the end of August.

Resource Packs include: 

  • Organiser's Guide
  • Directional signs
  • Branded volunteer T-shirts
  • Branded balloons
  • A NVBTW promotional banner, postcards and posters, all personalised for each venue and event (based upon the venue information you enter into the NVBTW sign-up process)

If you are planning to run more than one NVBTW open day we would encourage you to register them at the same time, as it will enable the promotional resources to include all of the dates of your open days.

Each venue will receive one full NVBTW resource pack, but if you decide at a later point that you will run further NVBTW open days then the venue will receive a further top-up resource pack (which does not include the banner, the T-shirts or the organiser's guide).

My Tennis Toolkit also offers the chance to get hold of personalised materials to promote your event further.

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