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Help & FAQs

How do we get the most out of our GBTW event?

Use the “GBTW Check In App” - this gives your event a professional look and allows you to take in contact details of your participants, so you can get in touch after the event with details of your follow-on offer or any other promotional events/updates.

The GBTW Check In app is downloadable via the App store for iOS devices (phones and tablets) and via the Google Play app store for Android devices (phones and tablets). You can download the app by clicking here. The app links directly to the venue’s ClubSpark 'Events' information, and allows you to check off attendees as they arrive at the event. It also allows users to add details of ‘walk ups’ that turn up without booking.

The resource pack contains a USB Organisers’ guide with advice and tips on how to market your venue both physically and digitally.

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