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How are British Tennis Members Venue Ballots run?

Venues will either run a manual or automatic ballot. If by the deadline the venue has not chosen a ballot option or has any unassigned tickets left, those remaining tickets will be automatically balloted to eligible and opted in members of the venue.

  • Automatic Ballot: An automatic ballot significantly reduces administration work by allowing Ballot Administrator to use our online system to run a random ballot on behalf of the venue. Only eligible and Opted In members at the venue are included. The Ballot Administrator can choose the day they want to run the ballot. Our system will continually ballot any declined or missed deadline tickets up until a certain date which is to be confirmed.
  • Manual Ballot: A manual ballot will be conducted by a venue’s Ballot Administrator(s) usually involving a ballot night. Information regarding when and where this is happening should be communicated by the venue to all eligible and Opted In members. Ballot administrators have a set of rules that they must follow when conducting a manual ballot. Once the venue ballot has been run, your tickets will be assigned to your LTA account by the Ballot Administrator using our online system

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