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Help & FAQs

How do I add a member to the Management/Welfare/Coaching team?

  • To add a member to the Management/Welfare/Coaching Team you must be the Place to Play Administrator for your venue
  • Once logged in, hover over your username in the top-right hand corner of the page and select Place to Play Administrator. From here, you will need to select Venue Registration
  • Selecting the Workforce Tab will bring you to the section where you can add and remove contacts from the Management, Welfare and Coaching teams
  • Your current list of key contacts will be displayed on this page, with their relevant roles listed to the right hand side
  • To add another role for a member who is already in the list, click into the column that displays View and Edit Role(s) along the line of the specific member
  • This will bring up the full list of roles that are available, with the ones they currently hold ticked. Add the new role/s and click save
  • To add a new member who is not currently showing in the list, scroll down to Add a new key contact and search via name or British Tennis Membership number (then see point above) 
  • Scrolling to the very bottom of the Workforce section and clicking Save and Continue will confirm the changes

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