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Why do venues need to meet safeguarding requirements to hold Tennis for Kids courses, if I'm an LTA Accredited coach?

Simply put, organizations or settings without safeguarding measures in place present a risk; it is therefore vital that the appropriate measures are in operation.

Safeguarding standards are being introduced to ensure that all LTA Registered Venues, and all venues where Tennis for Kids courses are delivered, have safeguarding and diversity and inclusion embedded into their practices and provide a safe and inclusive environment for children. Our Safeguarding Team have developed these based on experience, to protect venues and users from avoidable situations.

The LTA is committed to making sure all people involved in tennis in Britain can enjoy the sport in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. These factors are central to the continued success of programmes like Tennis for Kids.

Read more information on the Minimum Standards.

Alongside LTA Registered Venues, Tennis for Kids courses can be run at educational venues (schools, colleges, universities), who will have appropriate measures in place. Additionally, at park or community venues, providing an LTA self-declaration form is completed to confirm that the venue in question meets all of the Minimum Registration Standards. This form can be obtained from the Regional Team

If your venue does not meet these conditions, you will not be able to upload or deliver a Tennis for Kids course there.



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