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Did you consider alternative methods for calculating Competition Age Groups?

Yes, other methods were identified and thoroughly reviewed, however, we decided on Year of Birth as this is the simplest method and aligns with International Age Groups.

We considered using academic year as we know this is something that parents and players would be easily able to relate to, however using this system would pose significant challenges for players in Scotland where the education system year groups differ to England and Wales. Using academic year would also mean that our age group system would not be aligned with international age groups and would continue to be a challenge for players on the Performance Pathway.

We also considered a system based on a player’s age on the day of a competition, but this creates significant challenges for competitions that run for a longer duration and can impact coaching programmes when players change competition age group mid-term. Other tennis federations have trialled this system and then reverted to an alternative method as this system is difficult to understand and complex to administer. It also doesn’t allow for alignment with international age groups.

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