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As a result of the changes to competition age groups, I am no longer able to compete in the Road to Wimbledon in 2020 because I am too old!

We acknowledge the changes to competition age groups may impact players by moving out of an age group earlier than expected too. For most competitions there are multiple age groups in which a player can compete in and whilst they may not be able to compete in a specific age group they can compete in the next age group however we recognise this isn’t possible for the Road to Wimbledon.

For 2020 only the LTA and AELTC have agreed players who would have been eligible to compete in the Road to Wimbledon (those born in September – December 2005) will be permitted to compete in the 2020 event. Players will be able to earn 14U ranking points in county and national finals of the challenge stage and in the international qualifying and finals.

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