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Help & FAQs

If I am a coach looking to attend a Level 3, 4 or 5 coaching qualification, either now or in the future, will I still be able to use my LTA Rating instead of attending a play test?

Candidates wishing to attend the level 3, 4 or 5 LTA Coaching Qualification must have a minimum rating or meet the entry playing criteria (known as the Play Test Grade) for the specific coaching qualification they wish to attend.

The current minimum ratings required to negate a coach having to take the play test are:


Minimum rating

Play Test Grade Equivalent

Level 3 Coach



Level 4 Senior Club Coach



Level 5 Master Club Coach

Level 4 Senior Performance Coach



Level 5 Master Performance Coach

Should a player have held the minimum rating at any time since 2003, they will not have to attend and successfully meet the Play Test Grade requirement. A player’s highest rating will be retained in the LTA database.

A similar process will continue when the World Tennis Number is launched, with Play Test Grades being matched to World Tennis Numbers. Full details will be made available at the relevant time.

A player’s highest World Tennis Number will be retained in the LTA database.

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