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British Tennis Ratings

    • What shall I do if matches are not appearing on the website/showing incorrectly?
    • My rating didn't change in the 2018 Summer end-of-season ratings run; what can I do?
    • What is a rating?
    • How do I obtain a rating?
    • I’m an experienced player; can I be assigned a higher rating than 10.2?
    • What is an adult rating self-assessment (ARSA)?
    • I train/compete abroad and want to play in British Tennis competitions; can I be assigned a higher rating?
    • Can my Coach recommend a rating for me?
    • I have completed a Coaching Play Test; can I be awarded a higher rating?
    • Can my rating be decreased if I feel I am competing at a lower level of play?
    • How can I improve my rating? (Players rated 10.2 - 9.1)
    • What is a qualifying win and a qualifying loss?
    • When will my rating change? (Players rated 10.2 - 9.1)
    • Do the four matches have to be recorded in one competition season? (Players rated 10.2 - 9.1)
    • How can I improve my rating? (Players rated 8.2 - 1.1)
    • How can I work out my win/loss percentage? (Players rated 8.2 - 1.1)
    • When can my rating change? (Players rated 8.2 - 1.1)
    • Can results count towards both the mid-season and end-of-season ratings runs?
    • Do mid-season changes to my opponents' ratings affect me?
    • Can you carry matches across from one season to another?
    • I have just moved up to an 8.2 rating – can matches I won to get to an 8.2 count again in the seasonal system?
    • Can my rating go up twice in one ratings run?
    • Can my rating go down?
    • What happens to my rating if I’m injured?
    • Can I freeze my rating if I decide to take a break from playing?
    • I was previously rated higher but have taken a break from competing and I am now wanting to return; can my previous rating be reinstated?
    • Can one set matches count for ratings?
    • Will matches played between adults and children count for ratings purposes?
    • Are doubles matches counted for ratings purposes?
    • Can I send in my results for any match to count towards my rating?

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