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Help & FAQs

National Academies - Information

    • Where are the National Academies based?
    • Who are the Head Coaches of the National Academies?
    • When do the National Academies open?
    • How many people will I train with? Will boys and girls train together?
    • If a player is selected, what is their minimum commitment to the National Academy?
    • When will the National Academy run?
    • Will players who train at a centre where a National Academy is based be able to train with National Academy players?
    • Will there be access players at National Academies?
    • Will non-British passport holders be eligible for a place at a National Academy?
    • What will the Sports Science & Sports Medicine provision be at National Academies?
    • What is the selling point for National Academies (how will they compare to current best)?
    • What is the role of the LTA in the National Academy?
    • What happens if I am not selected for the Pro Scholarship Programme (PSP) at the end of my time at a National Academy?
    • How much will the National Academy programme cost? What is included in the cost of attending a National Academy?
    • What if players can’t afford the £5,000 cost to train at a National Academy?
    • Can a player who receives funding on the National Age Group Programme (NAGP) also receive funding support if they attend a National Academy?
    • What is the housing provision for National Academies?
    • Is accommodation included in the cost of the National Academy programme?
    • Do the players have to board if they live locally or have their own pastoral support available?
    • If I am selected for the programme, where would I study?
    • What are the educational commitments in order to attend a National Academy (e.g. minimum number of GCSE’s and/or A levels to be undertaken)?
    • Will there be entrance exams into the schools linked to National Academies?
    • If selected, does a player need to attend one of the partner schools?
    • How often will I get to see my child if they will be boarding?
    • My child is very bright. Can they study for more than six GSCE’s / five National 5s?
    • If I’ve got questions about the National Academies, who can I speak to?
    • What academy activity will happen during the summer holiday period?
    • Other than the £5,000 per annum fee to join an Academy, what are the other expenses parents will be expected to pay?
    • How will the £5,000 per annum National Academy fee need to be paid?
    • What does the National Academy do for players post 16, who do not immediately make PSP selection? What are the education options? Do they have to stay at school?

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