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National Academy Information

    • Where can I download the Budget Template that must be completed with my National Academy application submission?
    • What if players can’t afford the £5,000 cost to train at a National Academy?
    • Is unrestricted access to 2 indoor and 2 outdoor courts all that is required to deliver the National Academy programme?
    • Can we still apply if we can’t commit to offer mainstream schooling for all players?
    • What about if I want to make an application for a girls or boys only National Academy?
    • Will players who train at a centre where a National Academy is based be able to train with National Academy players?
    • What if I have a cost which does not sit within one of the defined cost categories for National Academies?
    • When applying for National Academy status, why are we constrained to building a budget for only 8 players in year one?
    • Who will have access to the salary information in the National Academy model?
    • What should be included in staff on-costs?
    • Will there be access players at National Academies?
    • Why is there such a delay to get National Academies up and running?
    • If we receive National Academy status, do all coaches need to be working within this ‘National Academy programme’ or can they continue to work in other aspects of the wider programme that we already deliver at our centre?

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