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Regional Player Development Centre Information

    • Where can I download the Budget Template that must be completed with my RPDC application submission?
    • What is meant by the ‘projected’ agreed player list for RPDCs and how does this impact selection to become a RPDC and the subsidy that may be available if successful?
    • How will Regional Training change from its current format?
    • Will my funding be affected if my RPDC 'projected' player list reduces between the February submission and the ‘actual’ RPDC player list in July due to the changes to Regional Training player selection coming into place from 1 April 2018?
    • What if players can’t afford the subsidised cost to train at a Regional Player Development Centre?
    • Should I include access players on my RPDC player list?
    • Will there be access players at RPDCs and will they be eligible for the subsidy?
    • How exactly will the cost of attending a Regional Player Development Centre be calculated?
    • Are RPDCs and Regional Training the same thing?
    • Will RPDCs be expected to host regional training?
    • Why isn't each RPDC able to set the level of subsidy that they can apply to each player?
    • What is the maximum number of players allowed at an RPDC?
    • What happens if a player is selected for Regional Training or the National Age Group Programme after the player list is submitted in July 2018?
    • Why aren't individual lessons included in the base cost for RPDC?
    • Can the RPDC nominate any players to be eligible for the subsidy who aren't selected for Regional Training or the National Age Group Programme?
    • For an RPDC, what is the minimum output/session delivery expected for the Head Coach based on a £25,000 investment?

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