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Help & FAQs

LTA Rankings

    • What is an LTA Ranking?
    • How does a player get an LTA Ranking?
    • Which age groups have LTA Rankings?
    • How are Rankings calculated?
    • Why are doubles points being included?
    • Will any age group I compete in count towards my Ranking?
    • How can I check how many ranking points are available at a tournament?
    • Why are there separate 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and Open Ranking points tables?
    • What events are used to determine Rankings?
    • When are Rankings published?
    • Where can I find the current and previous Rankings lists?
    • My ranking hasn’t changed and it should have; why is this?
    • Why do my ranking points add up to more than the rankings points total displayed?
    • Why are tournaments from last year no longer showing in my qualifying events?
    • I am moving up an Age group, will I carry through any of my points?
    • How many players must be in an event to receive ranking points?
    • I reached the quarterfinal but why have I only been allocated 1 ranking point for this event?
    • Will Team Tennis matches count towards my ranking?
    • Will the Road to Wimbledon competition count for rankings points?
    • Junior players’ ratings cannot decrease but what happens if someone is ill or injured and his/her ranking drops?
    • How do Seniors Rankings operate?
    • What is international weighting?
    • Why are international points included?
    • What are the GB National Rankings and how are they calculated?
    • How will my international points be included?
    • Why is ranking for acceptance used at Grade 1 to 3 junior competitions rather than ratings?
    • Will seeding at Grade 1 to 3 junior competitions also be based on rankings?
    • Will ranking for acceptance be used for grade 4 and grade 5 junior competitions in the future?

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