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Mini Tennis Ratings & Recent Form

    • What were the changes that were made to Mini Tennis on 1st September 2016?
    • Do other countries operate a similar system?
    • What Mini Tennis rating do players start with?
    • What are Mini Tennis Ratings?
    • What are the benefits of Mini Tennis Ratings?
    • How do I get a Mini Tennis Rating?
    • What stage of Mini Tennis should I be playing at?
    • When will my Mini Tennis Rating move to a different ball colour?
    • How many matches do I need to play to move through the different levels of the Mini Tennis Ratings system?
    • How many matches and wins am I away from moving to the next Mini Tennis Rating?
    • How will I know when my Mini Tennis Rating increases?
    • Which matches count for Mini Tennis Ratings?
    • When can a player ‘play up’ in Mini Tennis Ratings?
    • How will the flexibility of ‘playing up’ work and affect my Mini Tennis Rating?
    • What are Player Passports and how does having one affect a Mini Tennis Rating?
    • My child has played 20 matches in Mini Red however they have not received a t-shirt, what shall I do?
    • My child has just received their t-shirt after playing 20 matches in Mini Red however it is too big/small, can anything be done?

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