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Completing Venue Registration

    • We are an existing venue; how to we renew our Venue Registration?
    • We are a new club; how can we join Venue Registration?
    • Can I complete a paper Venue Registration form?
    • How can I become a Place to Play Administrator at my club?
    • The previous Place to Play Administrator has now left the club; how do we assign someone new to this role?
    • How do I access my Place to Play Administrator online area?
    • Where can I download a blank Venue Registration form?
    • Why have some of the answers I put in last year disappeared?
    • Where can I download our club’s completed registration form?
    • How can I change the Venue Name or Main Contact(s)?
    • How do I know what type of organisation my club is?
    • What is a nomadic organisation?
    • The club is owned by the council; does this mean we are owned and operated by the Local Authority?
    • How do I complete our club’s risk assessment?
    • We have completed our annual risk assessment but why aren't our insurance documents showing?
    • Where can I find the policies we need available to our members and players?
    • We have outdoor floodlit and non-floodlit courts; how many outdoor courts should I enter?
    • How do I add a member to the Management/Welfare/Coaching team?
    • How do I remove a member from the Management/Welfare/Coaching team?
    • How can I download a list of British Tennis Members at my club?
    • How can I add and remove British Tennis Members at my club?
    • How do I pay the Venue Registration invoice?

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