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LTA Qualifications

    • What are the requirements to book onto an LTA Coaching Qualification?
    • I am 15 years old but will be 16 when the Level 1 begins, how do I book onto the course?
    • I want to book onto a Level 3/4/5 but when I try to book, it says I am not eligible because I do not have the correct rating or play test grade?
    • How do I book onto Level 4 and 5 qualifications?
    • How do I find out if I have the appropriate rating?
    • How do I book onto a Play Test?
    • My Play Test results aren’t appearing in my Coach Secure Area?
    • Is it possible to bypass a qualification?
    • I am eligible to bypass Level 1, but the website isn’t allowing me to book onto Level 2?
    • I am eligible to bypass Level 2, but the website isn’t allowing me to book onto Level 3?
    • I failed my qualification; how can I book onto a re-assessment?
    • Can I acquire the SPC if I currently have the SCC? / How can I qualify as an SPC coach if I have chosen the SCC route?
    • I have an old LTA qualification and want to get back in to coaching; is it still valid and can I become Accredited?
    • I completed an old LTA Coach qualification years ago and want to get back into coaching; however I can’t remember details/find my certificate?
    • I have completed non-LTA/overseas qualifications; how do I join LTA Accreditation?

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