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Help & FAQs

Great British Tennis Weekend

    • What is a Great British Tennis Weekend (GBTW)?
    • Who can run a GBTW?
    • How do we register A GBTW event?
    • Do we have to host our GBTW event on one of these weekends?
    • What are the benefits of running a GBTW event and what support is available?
    • Who has permission to access a venue’s admin area on ClubSpark in order to create a GBTW event?
    • How do I find out who has ClubSpark venue admin rights?
    • I am a coach – can I publish a GBTW through my coach account on ClubSpark?
    • How do we promote our GBTW event?
    • I’ve got some ideas on how to run a GBTW that aren’t included in the guide, who can I talk to?
    • How long does the GBTW Resource Pack take to arrive?
    • Where will the GBTW Resource Pack be sent to?
    • How do we get the most out of our GBTW event?
    • Does the GBTW Check In app work without an internet connection?

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