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Help & FAQs

Coach Accreditation

    • What is LTA Coach Accreditation?
    • How many tiers are there in LTA Coach Accreditation?
    • What is the difference between Accredited and Accredited+?
    • What are the benefits of Coach Accreditation and how can I redeem them?
    • What are the requirements to join Coach Accreditation?
    • When am I due for renewal?
    • What is a ‘grace period’?
    • Am I insured during my grace period?
    • I am an Accredited coach and want to move to Accredited+. How do I go about this?
    • I am an Accredited+ coach; can I downgrade to Accredited?
    • If I renew in my grace period, does that give me 12 months from the day I renew?
    • What happens if I do not renew my Accreditation during my grace period?
    • How can I find out more information about my insurance cover that is part of Coach Accreditation?
    • Why do my insurance documents say my insurance is set to expire before my Coach Accreditation end date?
    • I am registered as a private limited company, am I covered under the insurance provided as part of Coach Accreditation
    • What is ClubSpark?
    • How can I find out more about physio cover?
    • I'm a coach, how can I get legal advice?
    • What is the Peugeot Affinity Scheme?
    • Can I cancel my Accreditation?

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