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Criminal Record Checks

    • How can I start a DBS check?
    • What are Criminal Record Checks (CRC)?
    • What is an Enhanced DBS check?
    • What is an Enhanced DBS and Barred List check?
    • Which type of DBS check should I do?
    • Does my role at my tennis club require a DBS check?
    • How can I start a Volunteer DBS check?
    • What is a Volunteer DBS check?
    • How much does a DBS check cost?
    • How long does a DBS check take to complete?
    • Can the LTA accept external DBS checks?
    • What is the Update Service?
    • I am a member of the Update Service, can the LTA accept it?
    • How long is a DBS check valid for?
    • What is a “self-declaration” and how often do I need to complete it?
    • How old does someone need to be to complete a DBS check?
    • How can I track a DBS check online?
    • I have completed a DBS but not received a certificate; what shall I do?
    • I have lost my DBS certificate; what shall I do?
    • Can I cancel my DBS Application?
    • How do I contact the LTA about my DBS?
    • What is the Protecting Vulnerable Group (PVG) scheme?
    • What is an Overseas Criminal Record (OCR) check?
    • Do I need an OCR check?
    • How do I apply for an OCR check?
    • What is a ‘satisfactory’ criminal record check?

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