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Help & FAQs

Wimbledon Ballot

    • When will the 2019 Wimbledon Ballot process start?
    • Can I receive a refund on my Wimbledon Ballot tickets?
    • My child is 11 years old but I can't opt them into the LTA Membership Wimbledon Ballot, why is this?
    • How do I enter the 2019 LTA Membership Wimbledon Ballot?
    • Will I automatically participate in the ballot at my club once I have opted in?
    • How do I apply for Wheelchair or Ease of Access tickets?
    • How are LTA Members Venue Ballots run?
    • Where can I find the 2019 Wimbledon ticket prices?
    • How do I know if I have been successful in the LTA Membership Wimbledon Ballot and how do I purchase my tickets?
    • When will my Wimbledon tickets arrive?
    • I live overseas, will you post my tickets?
    • I have purchased Wimbledon tickets but do not know the seat details; can you provide them?
    • I can no longer attend; can I swap days, transfer the tickets or sell them?
    • I am my club’s Ballot Administrator; where do I find the necessary information for my venue?

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