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Help & FAQs

Minimum Standards for Venue Registration

    • When do the LTA Minimum Venue Registration Standards come into effect?
    • Why are the minimum standards being introduced?
    • What are the minimum standards that clubs will have to adhere to?
    • How will the minimum standards in clubs be checked?
    • Where can I find more information about the minimum standards?
    • What is a ‘satisfactory’ criminal record check?
    • Can the LTA accept external DBS checks?
    • What is the Update Service?
    • I hold a professional safeguarding role (i.e. police officer, social care or school designated safeguarding lead), do I still need to attend safeguarding training?
    • The local council/school/university etc owns our courts, who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the standards?
    • Who cannot be a Welfare Officer?
    • What happens if a venue fails their audit?
    • We don’t have a clubhouse so how can we display posters or policies.?
    • We can’t find anyone to take on the Welfare Officer role, what do we do?.
    • Our welfare officer has completed safeguarding training outside of the LTA, can this be accepted?
    • Our welfare officer has done external safeguarding training, but it did not include information about the Prevent Duty. What should we do?
    • Is a Welfare Officer covered under their venue's insurance which is provided by the LTA?
    • We don’t have a junior programme / have no vulnerable adults; do we need to comply with the minimum standards?
    • We are a multi-sport venue/very large venue; can we have more than one Welfare Officer?
    • We are registering a community venue(s), how do the standards apply to us?

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