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Help & FAQs

National Academies - Player Selection

    • Who are the National Academies for?
    • What age group does the National Academy cater for?
    • What are the selection criteria for the National Academies?
    • How do I apply to be at a National Academy?
    • Is there an appeals process if a player is not offered a space at one of the two National Academies?
    • If I am chosen to join a National Academy, is there a chance I could be deselected?
    • What is the alternative option for players of National Academy standard who choose not to attend?
    • Would I be able to join a National Academy in year 2 or if I currently attend an overseas Academy?
    • What is different about these National Academies to what the LTA has done before?
    • How many National Academy places will be available?
    • How do I book on one of the National Academy open days?
    • If I am offered a place at one of the National Academies, do I have the option to defer and take up the place a year later?
    • How will the selected players be allocated to the National Academies?
    • What happens to players not selected for a National Academy place?
    • If a player is entering year 11 (S4 in Scotland) in the Autumn term 2019, is the commitment from the Academy 3 years until the end of A-levels (Highers/Advanced Highers) in Scotland?
    • Will there be a handover/transition period with current personal coaches?

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