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Help & FAQs

Competition Age Groups

    • Why are you making changes to the Competition Age Group system?
    • What are the changes?
    • Will the changes to the competition age group system disadvantage children born later in the year?
    • Why are you introducing an 11 & Under (11U) age group?
    • The changes you have made are reverting to the way competition age groups used to be calculated. Why is this?
    • Did you consider alternative methods for calculating Competition Age Groups?
    • The current age group system provides some opportunity for players to ‘play up’, will the new age group system also allow this?
    • How will age groups change?
    • Will open & senior age groups be affected?
    • Will there still be a Summer and Winter competition season?
    • At what age will I get a World Tennis Number?
    • Will 12U competitions become diluted?
    • Where can I find out exactly what age group I will be playing in for the next 3 years?
    • As a result of the changes to competition age groups, I am no longer able to compete in the Road to Wimbledon in 2020 because I am too old!

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